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Water Systems

Providing instant access to chilled and filtered water is a proven way to increase both staff morale and productivity and our range of water coolers make this a simple task. Choose from stylish, plumbed in units offering hot and cold water feeds. For sites hosting meetings we recommend the Boste multifunction tap, workplaces can choose the Borg & Overstrom range and for high footfall areas the Unite.


The strength of this range lies in its locational flexibility and sleek, considered design which maintains the consistency that Borg and Overstrom upholds.

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The strength of this range lies in its reliability and simplistic design. The B2 is our well – established classic with a robust, stylish and timeless execution.

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Built from the strong foundations set by the B2 range, this product boasts additional features including a larger dispense area, integrated cup dispenser.

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This machine delivers water into normal water cups or sports bottles.

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The B5 range straddles the line between high end functionality and ultra-modern design. The unique streamlined design of this range will bring sophistication to any environment.

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The U1 epitomises cutting-edge design and innovation with its contoured tap and compact under-counter unit. This is our most discrete range and will fit into any environment seamlessly. This fills bottles and glasses and plastic cups.

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The Billi Quadra boiling and chilled drinking water systems are space saving, efficient and elegant. The functional style is designed for high use and meets UK Green Building Council principles. This provides you with the ultimate in environmentally sensitive appliances.

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