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Water Systems

Providing instant access to chilled and filtered water is a proven way to increase both staff morale and productivity and our range of water coolers make this a simple task. Choose from stylish, plumbed in units offering hot and cold water feeds. For sites hosting meetings we recommend the Boste multifunction tap, workplaces can choose the Borg & Overstrom range and for high footfall areas the Unite.


You should consider this machine if you want to enhance your environment with this highly prestigious Borg & Overstorm cooler complete with integral cup dispenser and blue neon down light. Strong and durable with a hygienic wipe clean surface ideal for both the private and public sector.

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A premium point of use cooler with a large dispense area ideal for refilling sports bottles, carafes and large glasses. With a sleek touch panel control, integral cup dispenser and back-lit dispense area this cooler will complement any environment.

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A premium water cooler with a distinctive fountain tap and spacious base cabinet. Standing 1.3m tall with two integral cup dispensers, encourage interaction with its fully open lit dispense area in neon blue.

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Smarter, safer and more convenient, the Billi drinking water appliance delivers invigorating filtered boiling and chilled drinking water. Elegantly styled, a futuristic design and cutting edge technology, the Billi meets green building requirements, disability access and ergonomic design imperatives.

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A multifunction tap with a graceful and contemporary design. It dispenses chilled, ambient or sparkling water at the touch of its discreet control panel. Its compact design is ideally suited for breakout zones or any area where space is at a premium. Fed from the mains, it dispenses up to 20 litres of chilled water per hour with consistently low energy consumption.

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