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Snacks & Food Vending Machines | LTT Vending
Easy 6000
The innovative multi drum Easy 6000 is a caterers dream thanks to retractable pull out drums which allow fast and easy stock replenishment. Drums can be easily configured to hold a variety of products ranging from chilled meals to small snack confectionary items offering customers a wide choice of products at the same time, twenty four hours a day.
Snack Vending Machines | LTT Vending
If you are looking for a slender snack, can and bottle machine then this is the ideal machine where space is limited. Flexible and reliable its elegant style will integrate into an array of environments.
Snack Vending Machines | LTT Vending
Tango has the capacity to offer a wide variety of products such as Snacks, Confectionary, Cans or Bottles – or a combination of all four. Simple design and excellent performance combine in a machine that delivers great value for money and enhances any environment from medium to large icons.
Snack Vending Machines | LTT Vending
This simple Palma machine is available in four configurations giving you a choice of what you would like. The Palma is supplied in a dual zone making it ideal for cold drinks and confectionery.
Snack Vending Machines | LTT Vending
Merchant Media 4 & 6
If you are looking for a Vending Machine that is available in Snack and Confectionary or Snack, Confectionary and Cold Drinks configuration then the Merchant is the one for you. The in-built touch screen allows you to see calorific values of items, purchase multiple items, and engage with brand promotions and combination discounts, generating higher value transaction.