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Bev Max 4 Cold Drinks Vending Machine
Bev Max 4

The Bev Max 4 is a reliable bottle and can vending machine, available in multiple sizes, this large glass fronted machine is sure to impress all your customers.
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Bon Appetit Hot Food Vending Machine

Bon Appetit is a premium hot food vending solution. Offering a range of products such as paninis, burgers, baguettes and pastries. This solution is a experience that be available to your guest 24/7.
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Easy 6000

This innovative multi-drum food and snack vending machine is ideal for those who want to offer catering in a compact space in a reliable solution.
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Snacks and Cold Drinks Vending Machines | LTT Vending

A slim line snack vending machine offering a flexible and reliable service. The Melodia is elegant in style and is suitable for all environments; small to large.
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Merchant Media 4 & 6

The Merchant Media changes the way consumers view snack and confectionery vending. With a shopping cart feature and intuitive user interface this solution helps to increase sales using the latest technology and ensuring consumer satisfaction.
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The Palma snack and confectionery vending machine is available in four configurations, allowing you to choose the perfect combination for your site.
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Shopper 2

The Shopper 2 is a fresh food vending machine designed to offer a range of main meals and small snack items in an easy to use compact solution.
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Snacks & Cold Drinks Vending Machines | LTT Vending

The Tango vending machine is simple and elegant with excellent performance. With a variety of product configurations available, this solution offers great value for money in any location.

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