Table Top

Table Top Coffee Machines
flavia c500
The new Flavia C500 has been designed using the latest technology offering high quality drinks every time. Its drink range offers fresh brewed coffee, leaf tea and hot chocolate from loved brands such as Taylors, Alterra, Galaxy and Yorkshire Tea.
Bean to cup coffee machine | Giga x9
Giga X9
The Giga X9 bean to cup coffee machine includes a professional barista steam lance milk frother to add the finishing touches to cappuccino, ristretto, espresso, caffe crème, caffe latte and latte macchiato speciality coffees. The built-in sensor continuously monitors the milk temperature and triggers an automatic switch off when the optimum temperature is reached. The power steam system and sophisticated nozzle technology guarantees professional quality milk foam every time.
Giga X3
This beautiful bean to cup coffee machine uses fresh milk to make delicious cappuccino, ristretto, espresso, caffe crème, caffe latte and latte macchaito. For customers who are pushed for time this coffee machine makes two cups of coffee at the same time.
Retail Coffee Solutions
NESCAFÉ Alegria 8-120
The NESCAFÉ 8-120 coffee machine is the largest in the Alegria range serving 8 delicious drinks. Developed by NESCAFÉ this concept delivers quality, convenient and customised drinks for workplaces and sites demanding a mainstream everyday drink for hectic lifestyles in a matter of seconds.
Instant Hot Drinks Machines | LTT Vending
Vitro 5
If you are looking for the perfect Instant Coffee and Leaf Tea Machine then this is the one for you. The Vitro 5 will produce drinks very quickly, 20 seconds per drink and serves a range of instant coffee, freshly brewed leaf tea and hot chocolate.
Instant Hot Drinks Machines | LTT Vending
Vitro 4
The Vitro 4 is the one for you, if you are looking for an ease of use machine and drinks that will be produced in 20 seconds. This instant machine has 4 canisters, featuring a standard coffee and a decaffeinated coffee, chocolate and milk with a hot water facility for tea bags
Office Coffee Machines | LTT Vending
Impressa XJ9 Executive
A self-serve Bean to Cup with a fresh milk drinks system. This machine creates perfect cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and black coffees. You can serve yourself these coffee shop style drinks at the touch of a button from this stylish silver finish machine. There is also hot water for tea bags.
Giga X8
The high performance Giga X8 is a beautiful Bean to Cup machine which uses fresh milk to make the perfect coffees at record speed. The Giga X8 has 20 drink selections for you and your employees. You should consider the Giga X8 if you need a coffee machine that works efficiently and continuously throughout the day.