Flavia Coffee Machines

Our range of Flavia coffee machines provide an unrivalled range of single-serve hot drinks so every employee can find their favourite drink. With high performing, hassle-free technology, The Flavia C500 and Barista drinks are made in under 40 seconds, giving your employees freshly brewed drinks quickly and efficiently every time.
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Flavia Creation 500

The most popular Flavia brewer, using the latest Freshpack technology, its coffee-shop menu is ideal for offices of all sizes wanting choice and convenience.
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Flavia Coffee Machines | LTT Vending
Flavia Creation 200

A small and portable coffee machine designed for small offices and meeting rooms that aim to provide consistent quality drinks in every single cup.
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Flavia Barista

The Flavia Barista is a single-cup coffee solution that crafts authentic espressos using the simplicity of a Freshpack system. It combines ease of maintenance and high quality coffee.
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Flavia Coffee Machines | LTT Vending
We offer a wide range of Flavia coffee refills for your coffee maker which include packets of Alterra coffee roastersFlavia hot chocolate and tea satchets. Flavia coffee flavors include Alterra Colombia, Espresso Roast, Italian Roast, Hazelnut,Ethiopia and Flavia Fabulous Froth. We also provide a range of sugar sachets, milk pots and stirrers for your Flavia drinks.
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