Flavia and Klix Hot Drinks Solutions

Innovative Solutions For Workplaces
With hot and cold drinks from brands that you know and love, delivered from a reliable and easy to use solution, you can offer great tasting drinks in your workplace to suit every taste palate.
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Office Coffee Machines | Flavia Creation 500 | Flavia Coffee Machines | LTT Vending
Flavia Creation 500

The most popular Flavia brewer, using the latest Freshpack technology, its coffee-shop menu is ideal for offices of all sizes wanting choice and convenience.
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Flavia Coffee Machines | LTT Vending
Flavia Creation 200

A small and portable coffee machine designed for small offices and meeting rooms that aim to provide consistent quality drinks in every single cup.
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Office Coffee Machines | Flavia Barista - Flavia Coffee Machines | LTT Vending
Flavia Barista

The Flavia Barista is a single-cup coffee solution that crafts authentic espressos using the simplicity of a Freshpack system. It combines ease of maintenance and high quality coffee.
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Klix Outlook | Klix Vending Machines | LTT Vending
Klix Outlook

The Klix Outlook offers high quality in-cup beverages in 17 seconds. Using the latest technology to ensure consistent and reliable quality, the Outlook is the ideal machine for businesses in fast pace environments.
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Klix Momentum | Klix Vending Machines | LTT Vending
Klix Momentum

Delivering a variety of great tasting drinks, the Klix Momentum can provide hot beverages in as little as 17 seconds. The in-cup vending machine is sure to be a great addition to any business.  Watch Video >>
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