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We provide automated solutions to workplaces in the business & industry sector with bespoke end to end service, delivery and installation. Our vending machines sit perfectly in any workplace environment, offering your staff and visitors a wide range of products to keep them refreshed.
Recent years have seen huge changes in the UK coffee market. Annual coffee spend in the UK has reached £7.2 billion making growth of the coffee market 8 times greater than that of the British economy.
Coffee is especially popular in the workplace with recent studies showing an increase of 19% in productivity as well as improvements in motivation, mood and performance in those who drink coffee versus those who don’t. On top of this, anxiety levels of non-coffee drinkers were 27% higher than their coffee drinking counterparts.
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Office Coffee Machines | Flavia Creation 500 | Flavia Coffee Machines | LTT Vending
Flavia Creation 500

The new Flavia C500 has been designed using the latest technology offering high quality coffee, leaf tea and hot chocolate in under 40 seconds every time. Watch the video >>

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5 out of 5
Commercial Coffee To Go machines | Bean To Cup Coffee Machines
Lavazza Lusso

This coffee tower offers instant coffees, freshly brewed leaf teas, hot chocolate and soup, ideal for sites short on space but looking to offer a coffee shop experience.

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Office Coffee Machines | Flavia Barista - Flavia Coffee Machines | LTT Vending
Flavia Barista

The Flavia Barista is a single serve office brewer that crafts perfect coffees, teas, cappucinos and authentic espressos all at the push of a button.

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WMF Hot Drinks Range

WMF offer a range of bean to cup/hot chocolate beverage machines for small, medium and high demand. Simply browse our range and enquire to find out more.

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Prontissimo Siena 5S
Prontissimo Siena 5 | S

Producing high quality drinks in under 14 seconds, including fresh leaf tea and hot chocolate.
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Prontissimo Verona
Prontissimo Verona | S

Satisfies the tastes of the most demanding customers with consistency and quality. This machine offers the complete hot drinks menu.
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Prontissimo Turin
Prontissimo Turin | M | XL

Ideal for bulk brewing, this machine provides all that is needed for hotels, restaurants and catering facilities, dispensing five litres in one minute.
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Prontissimo Siena 4
Prontissimo Siena 4 | S

Producing high quality drinks in under 14 seconds. This machine is ideal for meet and greet areas such as office receptions of meeting rooms.
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Everything has been dealt with in a very efficient and friendly manner, any queries we have had have been dealt with speedily. Our own customers have given positive feedback regarding the quality of the coffee available from our new Jura GIGA x7.


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