The FLAVIA® barista

The Mars Drinks FLAVIA® barista is more than just a coffee maker. That’s because it’s the only single serve office brewer that crafts perfect coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and authentic espressos, all at the push of a button. 

There are many components to an authentic espresso: the bean, the roast, the grind, the temperature, the pressure, the size, the crema. These components tend to be an afterthought or even ignored altogether in many office coffee machines. 

With the introduction of the FLAVIA® barista comes a new portfolio of espresso drinks: 100% Arabica ALTERRA® Espresso and decaf, plus SEGAFREDO® Intenso, Delicato and Cafesenza, SEGAFREDO being a leading supplier to professional baristas globally. Each espresso contains different taste notes and intensities, providing a range of flavours. In addition, it makes Mars Drinks vast range of coffees, teas, hot chocolate, lattes and other signature drinks. Brands available include SEGAFREDO®, ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS®, THE BRIGHT TEA CO® and GALAXY® hot chocolate.