Drench Juicy Water Relaunch

Drench Juicy Water Relaunch

Back in April, Britvic launched a rejuvenated Drench brand, the Drench Juicy Spring Water. The popular drink has had a complete makeover as they jump on the healthy trend, aimed at the 30+ adult market.

LTT Vending are proud providers of the new Drench Juicy Spring Water. The redesigned drink meets the needs of increasingly health conscious consumers, with a massive 7.5g of sugar removed from every bottle, there is just 20 calories per 100ml. Additionally it has no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavouring.

But it’s not just the ingredients which have changed, the design of the bottle has also grown up into a more stylish, modern design. The bottles have increased in length and width providing a thirst quenching wide neck and 500ml capacity.

We at LTT Vending think that this product is ideal in the current market, as more adults become health conscious but also want an alternative to plain water, it’s a great compromise. Over the last quarter, our Drench sales have increased by 4.4% year on year since we introduced the new Drench Juicy Water.

Britvic has stated that the changes have been made due to ‘consumer preferences’ wanting a more ‘grown-up taste palette’. The new flavours are; peach and mango, strawberry and lime and pear and blueberry.

No longer will there be the dilemma between water or juice as now you can have Drench Juicy Water guilt-free!