Luxurious New V-Lux Range Provides Something For Every Business

The next generation of coffee machines has launched in the shape of the V-Lux range. It comes in the form of five different solutions, serving soluble, microground or bean-to-cup coffee as well as the choice of leaf tea and fresh milk. We recently caught up with Alba Urriza from Coffetek, the innovative manufacturers of this new range, to find out more about the solutions and the expert ideas behind their development.

What research was involved in planning for this new range?

Coffetek has a real focus on continuous development and innovation so it was important for us to do our research to find out what consumers and operators expect from an automatic coffee machine. Our new industrial design team investigated in to the current design trends within the coffee industry and found that user experience was key.  From this, we developed a machine where every detail enhances the user experience, making it simple to use, and compliments the daily hygiene and maintenance requirements.

What research was involved in planning for this new range?

A variety of features makes the new V-Lux range stand out, just some of the key features include the aesthetics of V-Lux. It is elegant and clean with an intuitive glass touch selection panel and an informative display that guides the consumer through the order process. The outstanding look of the machine and the customisable mood lighting ensures the V-Lux will compliment any environment.

The user experience is next to none, the customer is guided through the process, using a five sense experience. The coffee quality is an ethos for our team; our brewing systems have been developed to provide very high quality consistent beverages.
The flexibility of the V-Lux range means it has a solution for all requirements from soluble products through to bean-to-cup with fresh milk.

What are the main advantages of these machines in comparison to the older models?

he front display provides the user and system provider with information about the beverage preparation. When combined with the Button Barista App, a greeting with the consumer’s name appears on screen, allowing them to customise and order their drink from a smartphone.

The RGB mood LED lighting is another key advantage, it can be tailored to fit any location or environment by using different programming, meaning you can pick the colour depending on your site. An additional light, the nose light, allows guidance to the consumer of where to place the cup, this can be configured to be lit up, turned off, or flashing when standby and/or dispensing a drink.

Additionally, to avoid cross contamination these new solutions have separated hot water and coffee-to-go sprouts. Along with colour coded piped to help ease of operation and maintenance, preventing errors when cleaning the machine.

V-Lux Bean to cup coffee machine with base cabinet

What do you like best about the V-Lux range?

We’re biased, but the great thing about the V-Lux range is that it is available in different shapes and sizes. It comes in different variations allowing for extra features such as a digital screen and extra canisters to name a few. So it really will suit all different types of business environment’s and their needs.



To find out more about the new V-Lux range, please contact the LTT vending team today- or phone 0330 024 1125

bean to cup coffee machine